Eyelash Extensions

This service provides clients with thicker and longer eyelashes through professional application by our certified lash artist. Natural and lightweight, eyelash extensions are perfect for daily wear, special occasions, and for those with active lifestyles. These semi-permanent lashes typically last two to four weeks.


$25 – Erika, our certified lash artist examines your lashes to determine if you are a good extension candidate. A patch test is performed by applying one extension to each eye to make sure there are no reactions. Consults are valid for one year.


Lash Modification

This service is for someone who needs a lash fill, but has not seen our certified lash artist. A consultation is not needed, but a waiver must be completed due to the differences in adhesives and extensions used by various technicians. Prices for a Lash Modification are determined by the number of lashes needed to fill in the lashes that have fallen out during your natural growth cycle.

Full Set

A full set of 40-60 lashes per eye is applied depending on the client.

Lash Fill

$45 – $175+
This service is to be scheduled every one to four weeks post-application for the purposes of filling in lashes that have fallen out during the natural growth cycle of your lashes. Lash Fills are charged by a tiered system according to the length of time in between appointments.
1-2 weeks * starts at $45
2-3 weeks * starts at $60
3-4 weeks * starts at $75
4+ weeks * starts at $175


After 4 weeks, a Full Set application is necessary at the $175 price. Bella Via adheres to a 48-hour cancellation policy for Full Set appointments. A $50 deposit is required to secure Full Set appointments.

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